Annabelle helps as guest reviewer…Bic Soft Feel Fine Point

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Pen: Bic Soft Feel Ballpoint
Point: Fine
Color: Blue
Purchase Location: From receptionist
Cost: $free
Lisa’s Rating: 8/10

Another Bic another surprise. This pen was accidentally left on my desk by our receptionist. I decided to try it out and Annabelle wanted to help.
This blue fine point pen has the normal size bic barrel with a soft coating and a soft grip. I must say that the separated grip is the worst part of the pen.
The ink is great, there was no skipping, no globs of ink, and no paper tearing (as we know fine points can do).
Annabelle was especially thrilled with the soft feel and the hardness of the pen (no squishiness here). Over all we are thrilled with this pen and it has landed itself in my daily pen collection.



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Pen: Uni-ball Vision Elite (rollerball)
Point: Micro
Color: Blue, Black, Red, Blue/Black, purple, green, pink, orange
Purchase Location: Office Depot
Cost: $18.99
Lisa’s Rating: 7/10

This pen came in a eight color pack. For this testing exercise I choose the violet ink. This ink/pen is great for flying as cabin pressure change with not cause pen explosion. These are great for people who still write checks as the ink is wash and fade resistant.
This ink generally appears very watercolorish; light and flowing. The violet along with the other colors are more saturated and appear slightly darker than Pilot OR Paper-mate ink. These colors look sophisticated and mature great for those who like color and do not like to look as though they are in 5th grade.
The pen body is similar to the Pilot Precise Vseries with the only exception being the textured grip. Besides looking the same they also share great balance.
Overall, a classic rollerball sure to fit in any collection.

Bic Velocity Retractable 1.0 point (med)

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For some strange reason when I went grocery shopping I forgot my pen in the car. I am an avid crosser-off of things on my lists. Anyhoo, I headed to the school supply isle to find a new pen as I always like to look for ones I have never tried. There, on sale, was the Bic Velocity med point with black ink. I got a 2-pack of purple and green grip barrels. These pens are filled with the typically smooth non-clumping Bic ink. What surprised me about this pen was how comfortable the grip fit into my smallish hands. This new pen really made my shopping experience a pleasure!

Uni-Ball Signo RT Gel Micro Point (.38)

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The SIgno RT Micro point is for me probably my all time favorite disposable pen. Now, I do collect pens and I do enjoy my fine writing instruments, however, for a pen you can purchase almost anywhere this one rocks.
History: This Uni-Ball pen hails from the Sanford line. This heavily branded line includes, Paper-Mate, Sharpie, Mr. Sketch smelly markers with their mother being Rubbermaid. Overall I would take one of everything they made.
This pen has a wonderful crisp ultra fine line. This is the perfect pen for filling in forms, taking notes, and all other pleasure or work writing. Messy handwriting is suddenly legible and regular handwriting looks either graceful or like a seasoned architect. The grip is smooth and never sticky being only slightly wider then a black warrior pencil. US colors include blue, black and red. There are eight Japanese colors available at

Pen Sighting Request


So this is my first request at finding a pen used in Hollywood.
This still is from Music & Lyrics starring Drew Berrymore and Hugh Grant. Drew’s character, Sophie, is a pen clicking legal pad writing woman. So what is the pen she is so click happy about?
This pen is Staples® Delta Elite® Retractable Ballpoint Pen. This pen has a nice metal body with good weight. The tri-grip is rubber for a nice non-slip writing fest. The pen comes with medium black ink but is easily replaceable with a refill.

All time classic signature pen…The Paper-mate Flair


The Paper-mate Flair has been around as long as I can remember. These are bold porous pointed felt tipped marker pens. These non-permanent pens come in a plethora of colors and you can purchase one, classic colors, or all colors from most office supply stores. The Flair can add a nice bold touch of color to your signature for any kind of documents. In the office I enjoy using our theme color to sign documents that have the large opening between the closing and my typed name. Warning – be careful to sign quickly as the porous points can and will bleed if left touching the paper too long.

Basic Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen

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Let’s start with a review of the Bic Cristal Accounting Pen. You don’t really see this pen around anymore but its still available online. I’m not an accountant but I like fine/extra fine/micro tips. Not great for a signature but very handy for any paper forms.
This pen has the classic Bic cristal barrel in orange. For some reason this pen does not have the plastic mould marks that can irritate your fingers as the clear barrel can. The fine point is about a .5 (relative to the gel/rollerball tips). Being from the Bic family it has the classic blue ink and it does write every time.

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